The beautiful and scenic Tibet Landscape makes the whole painful journey to the location worth it. Tibet offers some of nature’s most exceptional beauties. The lush green forests, deep valleys, crystal clear lakes, and serene snowy mountains are gorgeous to behold.

The journey to these amazing locations is paved with many challenges. Poor road conditions, unreliable accommodation, poverty, and dust. It is not a luxury resort, but it doesn’t have to be. The journey could also be hazardous to one’s health because of the climate and the possibility of mountain sickness. Though Tibet lacks in human-made comforts, it makes up for it. It does so, by opening its visitors to what planet Earth has to offer in its natural state.

A journey to Tibet is taken by various people. Chinese folks have it much more comfortable when visiting Tibet. Due to it being quite next to them and the lax rules and few restrictions, make Chinese visitors large in number. There are plenty of western tourists too that wish to experience this exotic lifestyle. Indians also visit Tibet for similar reasons or even for pilgrimages too. Tibet has many great holy locations for devotees to find spiritual peace.

While Lhasa is the most common place for tourists to settles in, Tibet has plenty of other attractions to visit. Come blend in with the Tibetan villages, the monks and nomads. Witness Mount Everest at all its glory, the beautiful Namtso Lake and all the various Tibetan monasteries. Tibet will open your eyes to new lifestyles, cultures and even provide you with some perspective in life. There is no place like Tibet in this world. Once you visit this mesmerizing place, you would want to visit it again and again. No person should miss out on an adventure in Tibet.