I often hear people around me say that they want to travel to Tibet to see the Potala Palace, to see the snow-capped mountains and sacred lakes, to see the most beautiful and pure sky. Others say that there are endless reasons for wanting to visit Tibet. In many people’s eyes, Tibet is the paradise in their dreams and the distant place in their hearts.

Tibet is a place that people yearn for. When you travel to Tibet, you can enjoy many attractions in Tibet. But there are also some features you won’t notice easily. When a lot of people arrive in Tibet, they will see a lot of mounds of stones piled up everywhere in the mountains. These mounds are made up of stones of different sizes, which are shaped like pyramids in Egypt. Generally, they are found in mountain passes and on the lakeside in many regions of Tibet. These muck piles are the Marnyi Stone in Tibet.

The Marnyi Stone comes from the Sanskrit Buddhist sutra, the Six True Words. It is a collection of stones of different sizes. It is also a pile of stones with aura, which in Tibetan is “duoben”.

On the stones and slabs of Marnyi Stones, most of them are engraved with the Six True Words, sharp eyes, statues of gods, and auspicious patterns, which are also masterpieces of Tibetan folk artists. Tibetan people believe that the traces left on the stones have been preserved for a long time.

The Tibetan people have been working hard with their knives and pens, carving scriptures, various Buddha statues and auspicious patterns on pieces of ordinary stones and decorating them with colors to turn ordinary stones into Marnyi Stones. Devout Tibetan believers believe that as long as the perseverance of the day and night meditation of the Six True Words engraved on the stone, the stone will have a kind of supernatural spirit to bring them good luck. Some of them are so beautiful, look like works of art.

Another use of the Marnyi Stone is that many devotees, after going around the sacred mountain, will put the Buddha beads and hand strings and other precious items they carry on the Marnyi Stone, which will be dedicated to the sacred mountain and various bodhisattvas. The Buddha beads left are often rubbed and moved by believers over the years, and many of them even have the appearance of wrapped pulp. This kind of jewelry is totally different from those in souvenir shops because they are completely genuine and will never be counterfeited. These hand-strung Buddha beads and other treasures are made of various materials, including gold, silver, ivory, turquoise, Hetian jade, rosewood, garnet, and so on to be put on Marnyi Stones, look like very brilliant.

But so many treasures, long lying quietly in the wilderness, no one actually stole. According to local people in Tibet, in addition to the power of belief, so many treasures not be stolen, the key is that tourists who come to Tibet now have very high quality, and they are full of admiration and worship for Tibet. People who travel to Tibet take good care of every tree and grass in Tibet.