This tour includes Lhasa Sightseeing and happy time on Nagchu Horse Racing Festival. Nagchu Horse Racing Festival is the most favorable festival among local people in the northern Tibet with a long history. When the festival comes, thousands of herdsmen will gather at the grassland outside Nagchu city and dress in their special traditional clothes. After the stunning open ceremony, people will take various activities, such as horse-races, yak-races, tug of war and any other kinds of performance to celebrate the harvest, athletic and remember the god of heaven and our ancestors. It is held in June every year in the Tibetan calendar and will last from five to 15 days. All kinds of races are voluntary without any restriction for different places and people.

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Lhasa Arrival

Welcome to Tibet! Our tour guide will wait for you at the exit of the airport or Lhasa railway station. Then you will be driven to your hotel in Lhasa.

Have a good rest in your hotel to adapt the change of altitude. You are recommended not to rush out immediately. You can eat dinner in your hotel. Please remember to drink more water which is helpful to your body.

Overnight stay in Lhasa

Day 2: Lhasa Tour

In the morning, you will visit the Potala Palace, a landmark in Lhasa. It once was the workplace for Dalai Lama and now a museum. The main body of the Potala Palace building for is the white palace and red palace. In 1994, the Potala Palace was listed as the world culture heritage. It collects many valuable cultural relics and handicrafts.

In the afternoon, you will visit the Jokhang Temple which is the center of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet. You can see numbers of pilgrims traveling from different places from Tibet to do pilgrimage around the temple. The most valuable collection in this temple is the image of the Shakyamuni at the age of 12.

In the late afternoon, you can wander in the Barkhor Street. It is an old local market. You can drink sweet tea and buy some handicrafts here.

Overnight stay in Lhasa

Day 3: Lhasa—Nakchu

Not long after breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up at the hotel and take you to Nakchu (about 7 hours’ driving). During the trip, you can take the chance to enjoy the hot spring in the Yangpachen Hot Spring and see the stunning landscape of the north Tibetan landscape.

Overnight stay in Nakchu

Day 4: Nakchu

Today, you can join the local Tibetans to enjoy the festival. You can take part in many interesting games, such as horse-races, yak-races, tug of war, and stone lifting. You will be astonished by the enthusiasm and spirits of local Tibetans

Overnight stay in Nakchu

Day 5: Lhasa Departure

In the morning, you will be driven back to Lhasa. In the late afternoon, your tour guide will send you to Lhasa railway station or airport and help you broad. Looking forward to your next travel in Tibet.